New Product: Tessellate Collective CBD Oil Review – First Hand Experience

If you have been following the development of the CBD Oil market, you might have seen new companies popping up every week. Tessellate Collective is a British initiative, and it is aimed at people who would like to break free from addictive prescription drugs and earn money at the same time. I started a couple of months back, and tried the products to manage my busy lifestyle better. I also earned decent commissions along the way.  Find out more about the Tessellate Collective CBD Oil and the business opportunity below.

My Experience with the Tessellate Collective CBD Oil

All my life, I was against drugs. When it comes to a joint, I tried it in my early teens, but it didn’t have any more effect than a gin and tonic, and never even bothered with it. However, later in life I developed anxiety and depression that was getting out of control from time to time. A network connection introduced me to Tessellate Collective and I was in search for a healthy alternative to medication, and jumped on board. I have been using hemp oil for sleep for a long time. I have a busy lifestyle, running my own digital marketing agency, and work odd hours, manage the household, and two teenagers. Tessellate Collective was just what I needed to manage life’s little anxieties that happen from time to time.

Tessellate Collective Products

green cannabis leaves and black glass drops bottle

Image via Kimzy Nanney@kimzy

Tessellate collective started off with just two different strength hemp oil in natural and mint versions. Today, they are offering a chance to vape CBD oil safely, by having their own range of e-liquid and their own device available on the site. I haven’t tried CBD vape yet, simply because I had the previous supplier’s product still, but I am planning to do it in the next week or so.

Is Tessellate Collective an Affiliate Program or a Network Marketing Company?

Tessellate Collective is a network marketing company, but you can also use it as an affiliate program. However, if you manage to recruit people who believe in the benefits of natural full spectrum hemp oil like you, you will be upgraded to a higher level, and you will earn even more from their sales and your own.

The Tessellate Collective Business Opportunity

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Image via Chang Duong@chang612

Tessellate Collective is a great business opportunity for me, as I am not the kind of person who would be knocking on doors or trying to convince people to join my network. Thankfully, as I work in digital marketing, I don’t have to do either of them. Instead, I am simply creating campaigns around the products and the opportunity, and making commissions on autopilot. I don’t have to worry about the registration or the shipping; the company takes care of everything.

If you would like to find out more about the products or business opportunity of Tessellate Collective, check out the website and get back to me to find out more.