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The Best CBD Beauty Products Available In the UK

If you follow this blog, you might know that I love CBD in every form. When it comes to CBD oil, I love Tessellate Collective. However, the company is new, and they have a limited number of beauty products. I embarked on a journey to find the best of the best CBD beauty products available in the United Kingdom. Here comes the list.

Tessellate Collective 1% 300mg CBD Balm

Tessellate Collective CBD balm

You know that I am a fan of CTFO, and I am looking forward to having more products to recommend. However, there is one product that I personally tried to get rid of the tiredness in my legs and hip joints: the 300 MG CBD balm from CTFO. It doesn’t only contain CBD oil, but also shea butter and full spectrum flavonoids and terpenes. Of course, like everything with Tessellate, you will be assured that all the ingredients are non-GMO. the thing that got me excited is the mango butter, which is something you don’t find in every skin care product, especially not in CBD creams. This skin care product is great for everyday use, and moisturizing.

Cubid Refresh Face Cream

Cubid CBD is a company that delivers to the UK and focuses heavily on CBD beauty products. I usually go for the cheaper version of face cream, such as Q10 from one of your beauty stores. Wilko also has some great offers. However, due to losing a lot of weight in the past few months, I wanted to avid getting saggy skin and wrinkles, so I invested in this product. It has not only left my face light and more balanced, but it also feels great to touch it after. You can also check out the rest of the products at the Cubid CBD skin care site.

CTFO Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum

CBD skin care product facial anti aging

I absolutely love this serum. I have used it before I started promoting the company, which also has a great CBD affiliate program. the Vitamin C anti-aging serum has great benefits, and the main one is preventing the free radical damage of your sin due to pollution and chemicals. It is clinically proven to help your skin retain collagen. I noticed that my lips got fuller, too, as a side effect. Check out the CTFO anti aging serum and its ingredients.

Cloud 9 Canna Mask

Canna-Mask CBD Face Cream / Face Mask

Me and my daughter simply love face mask. Whenever we have time, we invest in a new mask, sit on the sofa, watch some Netflix, and sit there looking ridiculous but feeling good. this product can be used as a CBD face mask or a CBD face cream, too. You will love the additional ingredients, as well as the CBD. It contains Australian Rhassoul clays to get rid of imperfections. It is also made with carrot oils and lavender, and smells amazing. Check out the Canna-Mask CBD Face Cream and Mask and find out more about the benefits.

CTFO Insta-lift Wrinkle Remover

I love the breakthrough formula of the CTFO Insta-lift remover. It is like a facelift in a small bottle. When we reach 40 and we notice those fine lines, we have two options; either accept gravity won or go for a special treatment at the cosmetic surgery. Now, there is a third option. This rejuvenating CBD serum works two ways: it stimulates collagen production and helps your skin retain moisture.

Have you ever tried CBD beauty and skin care products? What was your experience? Comment below. Have you tried any of the above products? Let us know about the results.

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