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The Best and Highest Quality Tessellate Collective Hemp Product Alternatives

Whilst Tessellate Collective the UK based CBD oil supplier company has great products of a wide variety, when using hemp derived products, it is important to do your research and ensure you are using the correct specific product for your need. As different companies offer different products it is essential to be aware of what your options are. For example, if you had trouble swallowing a capsule perhaps you would want to purchase drops instead. In this case, you might find one company only offers capsules whereas another has the drops you require.

CTFO CBD Products

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Short for ‘Changing The Future Outcome’ this company seeks to provide the solution for the poor health which troubles so many of us.

The family orientated business arose out of the founder’s desire to stop his daughter getting sick at school by creating supplements.

They now offer an impressive selection of both supplements and hemp-based products which have been the subject of rave reviews and are highly sought after.

Not only does the company create excellent products but they also offer the chance for you to start your own thriving CBD business, generating residual income for you over a sustained period of time!

Cloud9 Hemp

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Much like CTFO, Cloud9 Hemp is not only a long-established company, but they boast an impressive selection of products, that goes beyond the sometimes-basic CBD oil.

Their primary products include:

  • CBD edibles such as gummies or snacks
  • CBD pet products (yes, your pets can benefit from the hemp goodness too!)
  • CBD eliquid
  • CBD vape products
  • CBD topicals
  • CBD skincare products

The skincare products especially are where Cloud9 seem to have found their niche, offering great formulations for a modest price point. Combining skincare favourite ingredients such as clay with hemp to revolutionise your skincare routine.

CBD Hemporium

CBD Hemporium is another family owned business with an ethical ethos of providing safe and also organic products that can improve everyone’s daily quality of life.

Most important of all is the fact that the plant oils they use contain no THC, therefore you can rest assured they are neither addictive, nor will they get you high. And you can legally use them in the UK.

In addition, they make sure that all their products use full spectrum hemp oils ensuring you get access to ALL the necessary phytocannabinoids that facilitate your wellbeing.

To top it all off, they make sure all their products are 100% grown without pesticides, herbicides or GMOs

They sell everything from CBD coffee to CBD gummy bears!

Empe CBD

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Empe CBD also offer full spectrum CBD, all manufactured in the United States and serving customers in the UK.

Their products are endorsed by therapists and doctors alike, including having the seal of approval of prominent chief medical correspondent of CNN Dr Sanjay Gupta.

They offer an unbeatable deal of a free bottle for the cost you would spend on shipping so this is a great option for those who perhaps haven’t tried CBD oil before. As well they have a discount that can be applied of 15% off your first order from the site.

For their particular niche, be sure to check out their vast array of CBD sweeties! They have everything from worms to sour strips.


Hempen are pioneer producers of certified organic hemp and CBD products. As a company, their ethos is centred around sustainability, authenticity as well as ethical production.

And they certainly practice what they preach as all their products are lovingly produced on their farm in Oxfordshire on the Hardwick Estate, where they’ve been growing organic hemp since 2015! They’re also passionate about cultivating relationships with hemp farmers around the UK to help them grow and also source their seed-to-shelf UK organic hemp.

Hempen are also a co-operative which means they’re not-for-profit, guaranteeing an ethical drive as opposed to a monetary one.

They also offer conveniently selected bundles, such as their ‘CBD Bundle Warmth’ or their ‘CBD Bundle Care’ which feature an expertly picked combination of products.

If you’re looking for an ethical and sustainably sourced product then this is certainly the choice for you!

By the way, CubidCBD currently offers 15 percent off orders until the end of the month and free delivery. Check out CubidCBD using the code CUBID15.

So, whether you’re a CBD rookie or aficionado or perhaps looking to start a CBD business, there truly is a product for all your needs!

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