Amazing Ways To Shift That Lockdown Weight With CBD

Piled on the pounds over lockdown? You aren’t alone; a more sedentary lifestyle and a propensity for comfort eating to counteract our feelings of uncertainty have meant that many have doubled in size over lockdown. Whilst it is important not to beat yourself up over this, making smarter lifestyle choices will help you shift the excess weight in no time. The age-old adage ‘You can’t outrun a bad diet’ remains true, and this is why any weight loss journey should start with you taking a look at your nutrition. Introducing hemp products as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle is where you should begin!

Weight Loss Nutrition

The key to weight loss is being in a calorific deficit. This means that each day you should be burning off more calories than you are consuming. Following this simple equation will mean you start to see the weight drop off in no time at all. Part of this means consuming smaller portions, as well as less calorific food. Opt for leafy greens and lean meats over more processed options. Eating ‘voluminous’ food like these kinds of veggies helps fill you up without weighing you down and means that you’re more likely to stay fuller for longer between meals. Hemp products can be used to supplement your diet, providing you with nutrients between meals.

Cut The Snacks

Snacking is the biggest foil to any weight loss journey and it’s important you avoid mindless munching out of boredom. One solution to this could be eating smaller meals at more regular intervals. Think of 5 smaller meals every few hours rather than 3 large ones with endless time in between. If you manage your weight loss nutrition effectively you should find yourself less hungry. There are some amazing aids and nutrition that will help you lose weight and stay full longer.

Increase Your Activity Levels

For those who enjoy their food and are reluctant to cut down on how much they consume, more exercise is the answer. One way to start this for those who don’t enjoy the gym, is making sure you regularly hit your 10,000 steps a day. This might be as simple as getting off the bus a few stops early and walking the rest of the way. Or perhaps taking the stairs instead of getting the lift.

CBD For Weight Loss

CBD is an excellent natural solution to your weight loss woes given its all-natural qualities. CTFO’s highly sought-after meal replacement ‘ShakeOff’ are a delicious way of shifting the pounds. Containing all the nutrients that you need, they are specially fortified with everything that your body needs to perform optimally and to release excess fat. It can be hard to pick from the array of shakes on the market, with offerings from Arbonne and Herbalife. If you’re looking for a lasting lifestyle change that really works, rather than a quick fad then the CTFO option is the one for you. Helping to naturally supress your cravings as opposed to laxative-like qualities, it is gentle on your body whilst still producing the results you want!

So if you’re ready to shed some of the pounds piled on during lockdown, maybe it’s time to start using CBD for weight loss. It is the ideal way to start your weight loss journey.