Honest Hemp Product Review: The New CTFO CBD Muscle and Joint Pain Relief

CBD is becoming increasingly popular in our everyday lives. If you haven’t heard of it (where have you been?!), it is the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant. This means you get all the pain relieving and relaxing effects, without the mind-altering effects. As a result, CBD for pain can be used as part of your daily routine without concern of it impacting your responsibilities.

Now you know what CBD is, it’s time to be introduced to CBDa. CBDa is raw, pure and free of solvents, combustion and toxic residue. When CBD is processed, especially at a high heat, almost all of the CBDa is lost. Early CBDa research suggests it could deliver potent relief by selectively inhibiting an enzyme in our bodies called COX-2. COX-2 is an enzyme that triggers when you experience injury. The response is natural. CBDa research suggests that it reduces the production of prostaglandin by blocking the COX-2 enzyme. Less prostaglandin results in less discomfort.

CTFO created the Muscle and Joint Relief Cream Samples because 1.5 billion people worldwide are affected by pain. It is a demonstrable product that people want and can get results from immediately. After seeing the effects of the opioid crisis, people are looking for a safe but effective way to relieve pain. Using CBD for pain, has been something people are increasingly turning to.

Although there are other products, such as hemp oil for pain relief and hemp balm for pain, the Joint and Muscle Relief Cream has expertly selected ingredients to have the best effect. Being able to apply to cream directly onto the place of discomfort boosts its joint pain relieving effects. The ingredients are as follows: Emu oil enhances deep penetration and the delivery of other ingredients; Camphor, with its cooling effect, has been shown to promote joint and muscle pain relief; Menthol can be applied topically and has been shown to support blood flow in the area for healing and relief from discomfort.

As you can tell, this isn’t your ordinary hemp balm for muscle pain. This is extra-strength joint pain relief. If you’re ready to get involved in the amazing world of CBD for pain, including this incredible cream for joint pain, follow the action steps below! We are facing a pain epidemic but we don’t have to suffer. Using this Joint and Muscle Relief Cream can make our lives a little bit easier.

How to Cash in On The New CBD Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Product with CTFO ACTION STEPS TO TAKE TODAY

  1. Sign up to MyCTFO 
  2. Place an order for 10xPURE-GOLD CBD Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Cream – 30 Convenience Packets, which comes out to $1 per sample. Then, place them onto your auto-ship for additional savings.


3. The Convenience Packets are small enough to carry in a purse, pocket, wallet, leave a couple in a desk drawer at work, in your car, etc. You can also easily MAIL the samples. Commit to giving away all 30 out in a month, no excuses.

4. Tell the person you gave the sample to that you know they’re going to love it, so you want to provide them with a FREE wholesale club membership. This way, if they’re going to order, they get a 30% discount that they can SHOP to SAVE. And an ADDITIONAL 10% off if they order within the first 10 days of joining the club.

5. Sign them up. Keep in touch and follow up. Get them as a customer first and then let them know the company will pay them just to share the products with others. Anyone and everyone can give away a free sample. Explain that we SHARE to EARN.