My First Dose of CBD Oil

It is not that I haven’t tried CBD before. I used to be a smoker, until I got asthma and other autoimmune diseases. Then I started vaping. And I tried a few CBD vape liquids. But never went for the pure CBD oil.

I only used a drop or two and slept through the night. Even though I am a light sleeper, it was not a problem to fall asleep without the radio or a Podcast on. As a bonus, I didn’t wake up for the first ray of the sun (yes, I have blockout curtains), and am now pretty laid back and less tired. Unlike when I used the CBD Vape, I didn’t get the tired feeling or the loss of energy after having a kip.

Here is the Pure Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil I used


CBD Oil Makes You Hungry

If there is one side effect of CBD oil, it might be that I woke up very hungry. Which is actually a good thing, as that means that my metabolism was working through the night to get rid  of the munchies I had last night. As I have various autoimmune diseases, often I eat something that just goes through me, but this was different. I went for a cupful of pumpkin seeds at night, full of good oils and Magnezium, which is supposed to help you with your hormonal and immune system balance. It usually weighs you down, but consuming just a few drops of CBD Oil has made a difference.

CBD and Sleep

There are no clinically proven studies to provide evidence that you will sleep better using CBD Oil at night. In fact, everyone is different, so your body would react to the chemicals and nutrients differently. However, my experience shows better night sleep and more energy in the morning. I have a couple of friends who often suffer from insomnia, due to their anxiety. Some of them have a history of waking up in the middle of the night, having a panic attack. I will certainly recommend them to try the same UK sourced CBD Oil that I used to see if it makes a difference.

After a Good Night Sleep

I work as an online marketing and sales funnel expert, with an occasional content marketing campaign here and then. It is a stressful industry to be in, and I simply cannot afford to have a drink at night, as this would affect my ability to focus early in the morning, and go to meet clients. That is why I need a way to get a good night sleep. Today, after using reading reviews hemp seed oil can help you fall asleep faster and get a better night’s sleep, I am feeling more chilled. Mind that I have done my night Reiki treatment just in case. 

How about Productivity and CBD Oil

One of the best benefits of using hemp oil for me was that I am sitting here, fully focused, full of beans, writing this before 9 a.m. I usually don’t fully wake up before 10, or an hour after my second coffee. It is different now, and I am looking forward to reporting on the long term benefits of using CBD.


Do you have a friend, family member, or colleague who is suffering from anxiety and insomnia? You can get them to give CBD a try. Check out the below products and start a Hemp Oil business in the UK, helping others become the best version of themselves.