sleepless nights and CBD oil

Most Common Reasons for a Restless Night

It can often be forgotten in the society we live in just how important sleep is. The myriad of distractions that need our attention at all hours of the day make it seem impossible to get a proper night’s sleep. Sleep is extremely important for our health and can contribute to benefits such as adjusting the hormones in our body in order to control our appetite and boost our immune system. With this in mind, studies suggest that two thirds of adults around the world aren’t getting enough sleep. As indicated by the World Health Organisation, ‘enough sleep’ constitutes about 8 hours a night.

So what are the reasons so many of us aren’t getting enough shut eye?


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Stress is one of the most common reasons for a restless night. Stress can affect us in many ways; emotionally, physically, and mentally. Stress induces anxiety which in turn raises the heart rate. This makes it difficult to relax and therefore negatively affects our ability to fall asleep. As well as this, when we worry our mind is full and we are unable to switch off on order to let sleep take over. This can often become a cycle: with more stress we get less sleep and therefore become more stressed.

Discomfort/Back Problems

Back problems can be debilitating in many ways but discomfort when we’re trying to sleep can be one of the worst. Losing sleep because of pains in our back or our inability to get comfortable can lead to waking up with even more pain. Waking up stiff and sore can also make just low mood because not only are you in pain with your back but you are tired because you can’t sleep.

Too Much Caffeine

As many of us are always on the go, we have come to rely on caffeine to keep us going. Coffee, tea, and cola drinks can mean that when the time comes for us to finally go to sleep we end up tossing and turning because our body is still pumping with caffeine. The rush that this fuels can also mean that when trying to get to sleep we are flooded with anxiety. As well as this, we wake up even more tired the next day and have to rely, again, on caffeine.

Some customers are managing their stress with prescription medication, others use natural, full spectrum CBD oil to feel better and get a good night’s sleep.