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Medicinal Cannabis Still Seized at the Airport

Just this month, a girl from Kent had her medicinal Cannabis seized, resulting in desperation for the family. While the drug contained TCH, as the girl had severe epilepsy, and it is not the regulated ingredient of the drug, it is clear to see why doctors are trying to eliminate competition. They usually don’t get presents and holidays from Cannabis product manufacturers, only the Big Pharma.

The Regulation of CBD Oil and Cannaboidiol in the UK

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The regulation of cannabis containing supplements in the UK is in its infancy. However, you are safe to use products that only contain CBD, as this ingredient is approved as not causing damage and addiction. It is, in fact, a good alternative for people who have been smoking the plant for years, and now have developed a condition that is not allowing them to carry on with this treatment to manage their chronic condition or pain.

What People Use CBD Oil For

It would not be legal of me to state that CBD oil is good for one condition or another. In fact, the clinical studies are inconsistent, and there are not enough of them to draw consequence. Therefore, I will just share some of the things people turn to this remedy for:

  • anxiety
  • tiredness and fatigue
  • depression
  • insomia
  • autoimmune diseasees

While there is no recommendation from clinical bodies to try CBD and hemp oil for these conditions, many people still do.

How to Choose the Right CBD Oil for Your Health and Wellbeing In the UK

It is important that the CBD Hemp Oil is manufactured in a safe, organic environment, and no harmful chemicals are used to mix the oil with. UK based CBD Oil products that are approved by the authorities will be safe enough to try, and these companies usually offer a money back guarantee.

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