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I Tried a CBD Muscle and Arthritis Cream; Here’s What Happened

As I am always ready to review new CBD products in the UK, it was great pleasure to try the Skytri hemp gel last week. I got approached by the company to provide a review on the brand new hemp gel on Amazon. I was just going through an intense HIIT Yoga training with Sadie Nardini, and buy, did I need muscle pain relief? At first I was a bit worried because I have a super sensitive skin, which means I cannot use Muscle rub or other creams without going red for hours. Here’s how the CBD muscle cream helped.

CBD Cream for Joint Pain

I was busy doing the extended version of this cardio- HIIT yoga when I received the CBD balm and it was the perfect timing. I didn’t only umph up the workout by adding weights, but I had pain in my hips, my abs, and my shoulders, too. If you want a challenge, I recommend you check out Saide’s training. While there’s no pain without gain, you will feel a thousand percent better once your muscles stopped burning.

It was about a day after the last workout and I was finding it hard to sit down and stand up to be honest. I needed something fast. I applied the Skytri hemp balm for pain and it worked. Find out how.

Hemp Balm for Muscle Pain

My muscle pain was strong, and I could see the redness in my thighs and my arm muscles I worked hard. I opened the box and found that the cream was clear and had a kind of menthol smell to it. I was immediately worried about the burning and the redness.

Skytri gel

No Burning Feeling

To my surprise, there was no burning feeling and while the smell was around for a few minutes, my skin absorbed the hemp balm very quickly. My hands smelt amazing, and not greasy at all. It was more like a cool relief when I massaged my arm and quads with the CBD balm.

Amazing Relief in 25 Minutes Thanks to the Hemp Pain Relief Cream

It only took 25 minutes for the pain to completely go away. I could again move about and my muscles got that long awaited relaxation they needed to carry on working the next day. After all, I needed to get through the training schedule and achieve my fitness goals. I decided that I would use the cream again at night when I go to bed, and I slept like a baby, thanks to the Skytri hemp gel that is perfect for muscle pains.

No Sticky Hands or Stingy Feeling after Using Skytri Hemp Gel

The best thing about this CBD topical gel is that it doesn’t have any additives and artificial colorings. It left my skin smooth and very relaxed at the same time, and it didn’t leave me itchy. My muscle pain got better, and it was safe for me to touch my eyes with my hands, unlike after using Muscle Rub or Cooling gels.

Can Hemp Gel Work for Osteoarthritis and Joint Pain?

I have a friend who suffers from pain every time the weather gets colder. He basically had his ankle and knee reconstructed in steel after a nasty accident. I am definitely going to recommend this topical hemp gel to him for everyday use.

Are you looking to deal with muscle or joint pain? Make sure you check out the Skytri hemp balm on Amazon below.

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