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How the UK CBD Industry Will Skyrocket In 2020 And How You Can Make Money Off It

If in 2019 you were wondering whether the CBD industry is going to plummet or skyrocket, you just need to have a quick look at the stats to get your answer. The CBD and hemp industry is going to grow worldwide, and in the UK, as well. The recreational use of hemp products is high in the United Kingdom, but many people are now worried about using traditional methods, being afraid of failing a drug test. Below you will find our CBD product and industry predictions.

Market Predictions

According to Hemp Industry Daily , 2018 was a gamble for the players in the hemp industry, while 2019 was a slow year. 2020 is going to see a massive jump, and the competition is going to increase. Hemp farms are being established in every country, including the United Kingdom, and more ways to market. While in 2019 there were some setbacks in the hemp industry, and regulation as played an important part in this turmoil, CBD products are now accepted as a food supplement. Hemp is also going to strengthen its reputation as a mental health aid, due to the alternative medications developed by drug manufacturers to treat some mental health issues, even epilepsy.

New CBD Companies Launching

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It is predicted that new CBD companies are going to launch, focusing on compliance and approved, safe, and tested products. In the United Kingdom, regulation is strict, and you will need to comply with some advertising standards. However, some companies already go the extra mile to ensure that customers are properly informed about the benefits and the potential side effects of CBD products.

New CBD and Hemp Products Developed

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Today, the most popular CBD products are e-liquid, tinctures, and skin care. However, in the United States, there are some companies that are already testing different food supplements, such as sweets, tea, or even soap and hair care products. Hemp based products are also being developed for pets, for example CBD for dog arthritis and joint pain. It is likely that more innovative companies will enter the market in 2020 and offer a better range of hemp products for customers.

CBD Legislation In the UK

The legislation of CBD products is likely to develop in 2020. With a new mandate for the Conservative government, it might be stricter than you would have expected if a more liberal government was formed. However, a the UK is trying to focus on reforming the NHS and making it more cost-effective, it might be possible that CBD tinctures and tablets might be added to the list of approved alternative treatment options. Of course, research studies and reports will need to confirm the safety and effectiveness of hemp products before this could happen.

How To Jump On Board of a UK CBD Opportunity

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