Does CBD Hemp Oil Help You Sleep Better?

There are loads of special relaxants available and sleep remedies that will help you deal with stress and relax at night, getting a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, our lifestyle is too busy, and our brain keeps going on long after our bodies need a rest. Below you will find out whether or not CBD can help you sleep better.

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The Sleep Problem and Hemp Oil

Most of us struggle with a lack of rest because we are too stressed during the day, and are using unhelpful coping mechanisms. You might be working yourself up, or worry about paying your bills, maybe your teenage kids are causing you trouble. No matter what the issue is, without going through the process, you will not see clearly, and you will not sleep as well as you could. The CBD ingredient of the hemp oil can help you be more mindful and let go of your worries at night.

The Quality of CBD Oil You Use

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It is important that you choose the CBD oil brand carefully. For example, full spectrum CBD Oil is generally more effective than any other alternative. While you might pay a bit more for the quality, you will only need a drop or two under your tongue, and you can feel the impact immediately. This is not the case if you are using lower quality products.

CBD and A Good Night’s Sleep

CBD itself can be used as a sleep aid. While regular cannabis consumption will get you high, the hemp oil doesn’t contain the TCH ingredient that will give you hallucinations or weird visions. Some of the products still have TCH, but in a very low amount, only.

Insomnia and Hemp Oil

You can take one drop before bed every day. You will not become addicted to the substance, and you will be able to improve your wellness, as your sleep quality will become better. If you start the day with a clear head and full of energy, you will also be more productive.

Alternatives to CBD Hemp Oil for Sleep

Of course, CBD hemp oil is not the only food supplement people use for a peaceful night’s sleep. You can use essential oils, such as lavender, but they are less potent when it comes to insomnia. Natural remedies, based on Valerian and Saint John’s Wort exist, but it is not recommended that you take them long term, as they can cause dependency.

It is recommended that you try a low dosage of locally sourced full spectrum CBD oil, available at, and increase the amount you take gradually. Give the products a go and let us know how it changed your sleeping habits.