Celebrities Who Endorsed CBD Oil

If there is one thing that works for marketing any product, it is celebrity endorsement. No matter how good your lotion or medication is, if nobody knows about it. That is why – if you are thinking about selling CBD hemp oil or products – you will have to look at the below names of celebrities who are absolutely committed to using CBD to manage their health, beauty, or both.

Mike Tyson

The former boxer is big on cannabinoid products. He is in the middle of a project to bring growers and users together and create a holistic healing centre. He is studying the different strains of Marijuana that have various ingredients and potencies, and is exploring the opportunity to create pain relief cream using CBD ingredients.

Whoopi Goldberg

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If you think that the Nun and TV hostess is just naturally laid back, you might want to think again. Whoopi has endorsed hemp for pain relief and stomach cramps. An increasing number of women are now using CBD oil and remedies to manage their PMS and feel more comfortable during their menstruation without having to take strong painkillers.

Morgan Freeman

There is something relaxing about Morgan Freeman’s voice. If you have ever listened to one of his speeches about the universe and how we are all connected, you will know that he is pretty big on spirituality. He suffered a serious car crash that changed his perspective, and is currently managing his pain using plant-based medicine, including products containing CBD and TCH.

Tom Hanks

If you have been following the career of Tom Hanks, you will know that he has suffered from anxiety several times. He is currently working with Cornell University to study how CBD products can potentially provide the answer to one of the greatest epidemics of our lifetime; Type 2 diabetes.

Kristen Bell

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The actress uses CBD products for both pain relief and anxiety. She has also tried some of the latest body lotions and beauty products that are designed to improve your looks and get rid of imperfections, inflammation, or allergies.

Celebrity endorsement is one of the best ways to create a buzz about any product. The good news is that you can piggyback on the marketing famous people are doing, get in touch to find out more about the CBD opportunities in the UK.


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