500mg 5% in MCT Oranges and Lemon

CBD Oil Product Launch In the UK

500mg 5% in MCT Oranges and Lemon

This exciting product makes getting your daily dose of CBD oil even better. By mixing the CBD oil with MCT oil, a natural supplement commonly found in coconut oil, this product boosts the benefits you’re getting. On top of this, it is flavoured with oranges and lemon to make the oil tastier and easier to enjoy.

Benefits of MCT oil

MCT oil can encourage weight loss as it contains hormones that promote the feeling of fullness. This means that on top of the CBD helping with insomnia, digestion, and skin problems, it can also help with your weight loss journey. Compared to other oils similar to MCT, it has been found to have fewer calories and may even help to burn calories. As well as this, the MCT oil acts as an instant source of energy so the fat is not stored. So whilst your body can relax with the help of the CBD oil, it finds a source of energy with the MCT. 

How To Take The Oil

It is important to listen to your body and follow directions on how much of the oil to take. It is recommended that you start with 1-2 drops a day and increase or decrease based on your reaction. All of the benefits listed may only be temporary, with various responses as everyone is different! As a vegan and organic product, it is also a great product that can be taken without guilt.

You can get your hands on the unique CBD Oil with MTC oil at the Tessellate Collective Website.