Brain Power Tips: CBD Oil for Focus and Concentration

We all struggle with concentration sometimes. In this strange year when a lot more people have found themselves working from home, finding a solution to keeping focused is more important than ever. CBD oil is a relaxing supplement that can help you forget the stress and get on with your work. But what is it? CBD is one of the compounds found in the cannabis plant. When diluted with a natural oil such as coconut or hemp, it makes CBD oil. As the CBD part of the cannabis plant doesn’t have THC, the psychoactive compound, CBD does not induce mind-altering effects. This means that you can use it as part of your normal routine while continuing with tasks that need your full mental capacity, like working or driving. It also means it is legal for use in the UK.


One of the main reasons that our focus is diminished is stress. When we feel overwhelmed with everything we have to do, we need to lose concentration. This only makes the problem worse and so begins a cycle of low concentration and stress. Using CBD oil can help put a stop to this maddening cycle. As you use a CBD product, your body relaxes and doesn’t respond to stress with the usual ‘fight or flight’ response. This will allow you to find some respite from feeling overwhelmed to get focused and concentrate on your work.

Lack of Sleep

Another reason our focus can waver is if we aren’t getting enough sleep. This can be especially dangerous when working from home as we are so close to our beds! It can be tempting to crawl back in and forget about your work. Well, as this isn’t a sustainable solution, CBD can be an excellent way of ensuring a good night’s sleep. As mentioned above, CBD products help to relax the body which will encourage the quick onset of sleep. CBD products can also help to relieve anxiety. This is one of the things that keep people up at night; going over things in your head, worrying about everything on tomorrow’s to-do list. You can even get CBD in tea so you can have a nice warming cup before a restful night’s sleep.

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We all know how difficult it can be to stay focused when we have a niggling pain. This can be made worse if we have a long day of sitting at our desks, aggravating back pain. CBD is commonly used as a form of pain relief. The antioxidant properties of CBD encourage an anti-inflammatory response in the body. This is particularly helpful with back pain and joint issues, usually caused by inflammation. Relieving this pain could be exactly what you need to get your concentration back and get to work.

There are many reasons for losing concentration, especially when we’re working at home. Using CBD products can get you back on track to ensuring you don’t lose productivity. So, whether you use oil, tea, or balm, there is a CBD product out there to solve your concentration problems.