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I am taking CBD Oil to Feel Better about My Autoimmune Diseases

The main ingredient of CBD oil is cannabinoid, and this is a substance that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Its main role is to reduce inflammation. As auto immune diseases cause whole body inflammation, it might be fair to say that CBD oil is great for autoimmune diseases. Here are the facts.

CBD Oil for Asthma

I am a long term asthma sufferer. Had the condition pretty much since I was a teenager, and living close to one of the largest oil refineries and several industrial plants is not helping. Often I wake up for a shortness of breath, and I haven’t been able to run long distances for a while. However, I can manage my condition using CBD oil for asthma and doing yoga every day to strengthen my lungs.

Hemp Oil and Food Intolerances

Not many people know, but food intolerances and many digestive issues can be caused by the genetics of the person, as well as the environment and the body’s weak immune system.

Below you will find a simple explaination.

Molecular Mimicry: The Role of Cannabis in Healing Autoimmune Disease


Being unable to eat wheat, nuts, and small seeded berries has really affected my life. However, the problem occurs when I accidentally eat something I am not supposed to. CBD oil for autoimmune diseases that cause indigestion is effective in my case. All the discomfort, constipation, and pain is gone in just a few hours.

Steroids Vs. CBD Hemp Oil for Autoimmune Diseases

I have been on steroids a few times, If you haven’t tried them yet, you will know that they come with loads of side effects. I try to avoid the brown asthma inhaler, as it causes ulcers in my mouth if I don’t rinse straight away. Not to mention that it can damage your liver and kidneys long term.

While steroids suppress the immune system, CBD oil simply repairs it. Therefore, if I had to choose between hemp oil or steroid sprays or tablets, I would choose the natural remedy all day.

Cannabis simply modulates your immune system instead of damaging it.

Would you like to find out more about the CBD oil sourced in the UK that I am using for my autoimmune diseases?

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