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Hi and welcome to my blog.

A little bit about me….

I became interested in CBD products and their benefits after working with a client setting up an affiliate page. When the opportunity to study the plant and the alternative benefits presented itself. I jumped on board.

While I am an advocate for Tessellate Collective, a new UK company, I am here to provide you insider information about the latest Cannaboidol products and their benefits.

I am a researcher by nature, and am happy to share what I learn about this natural remedy, having been used for many centuries, even in ancient cultures.

hemp products in the UK

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I suffer from multiple autoimmune diseases, including gluten intolerance, Vitiligo, hayfever, nut allergies, and asthma. I have also suffered from severe anxiety and depression before.

I know first hand that antidepressants do more harm than good, and – as a result – I was almost hospitalised for life. Never again. I came off the drugs and am now managing my condition with yoga, healthy eating, Paleo diet, and CBD products.

Please join me on this journey to disover the true potential of CBD products; the hemp without TCH.