Why Kim Kardashian Threw a CBD Themed Baby Shower

We are all used to Kim Kardashian doing things nobody expects. However, she has gone even further this time, throwing a CBD party; a baby shower. To celebrate her fourth child, and to have a bit of fun, she invited her guests to attend a CBD party. An increasing number of celebrities are now embracing the idea of using CBD products, which are legal in California, and – in certain format – all around the world, as it is considered to have several benefits, including reducing anxiety. Find out more below.

The Perceived Benefits of CBD Oil

One of the perceived benefits of CBD oil celebrities believe in is that it helps you relax. Just like smoking weed (which is harmful and illegal most of the world), CBD might be the solution to manage stress. While there are no clinical studies, due to the lack of history, celebrities like Kim Kardashian believe that it is the answer to their busy lifestyle and an alternative to antidepressants and anxiety medication.

Numerous celebrities have endorsed hemp oil, such as Jennifer Anisto, Rhianna, and Michael J.  Fox.

Weight Management and CBD Products

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One of the reasons why celebrities are quick to endorse CBD oil is that they see the benefits when it comes to managing their weight, their stress levels, and avoid being on the wrong side of the law. In most countries, regulated hemp oil is considered a food supplement, instead of a medication, and – provided that the oil doesn’t contain high doses of TCH, which is the mind altering ingredient of Cannabis – it is safe to use for dogs, cats, and even young kids.

The Use if Hemp Products In the Beauty Industry

Scientists are now experimenting with different products to put the benefits of CBD oil to good use. One of the areas where you can expect a boom in the industry is the health and beauty one. You might have already seen creams, lotions, and other beauty products in online stores containing CBD. Due to the ingredients of cannaboidiol, reducing inflammation, you might be able to deal with skin problems, such as acne and roscaea, as well as old scars. However, we will just have to wait and see.

How Safe Are CBD Products?

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No cases of CBD poisoning have been reported so far, but this might be due to the low dosage the regulated products contain. Still, thousands of people end up in hospital for alcohol poisoning and related issues. While long term studies haven’t been carried out, you cannot say that there are any dangerous side effects of CBD products.

Before you jump on the celebrity bandwagon and go out there buying the first of cheapest CBD oil to try, it is important that you do your research. Find out about the origin and the ingredients of CBD products, as well as the regulatory status.

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