Tessellate Collective

How To Become a Founder Member of Tessellate Collective – UK CBD Opportunity

I’ve just been notified that the founder member offer on the website is coming to an end from the 30th of June. If you have been sitting on the fence about starting your own UK CBD business, you will need to be quick. It is an amazing opportunity to lock in your discounts and be one of the leader advocates.

What Is Tessellate Collective?

Tesselleate Collective is a UK Based CBD network marketing company. The founders realised that they needed to bridge the gap between the UK market and the US suppliers. All food supplements and natural products are sourced from a UK farm, and the production is overseen by relevant authorities.

How To Join

founder advocate pack Tessellate Collective pre-launch offer
Image via https://www.facebook.com/groups/202490890391730/

If you would like to learn more about the CBD opportunity in the UK, you should check out the information page on the website. Once you are aware of the products and the offer, you should check out the official group and request to join. You will only get in if you answer the questions. When you are asked who invited you to the page, your answer should be Laura Farkas or Flaura78. This will let the founders know that you have visited our page.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Founder Member of Tessellate Collective

At the moment, you can order the founder pack for just 60.99 and that includes two bottles to sample or to get your customers to sample. You will not pay for the back office and your own website. After June, you are likely to lose your discount and be charged a joining fee. Of course, you will have to pay the postage and packaging.

However, that said, if you sell one of the bottles and get a customer to sign up for an auto-order, you have pretty much got your money back.

Why Tessellate Collective Is the Best UK CBD Opportunity

The main reason I jumped on the Tessellate Hemp opportunity in the UK is because I have seen the system work. I have worked with a client in my digital marketing business to get a similar network marketing program started. I liked the idea, and as soon as the UK based CBD company launched, I jumped on board.

What If You Want to Sell CBD Online?

I am very short of time, and have only been promoting Tessellate Collective online. It is a taboo subject, and this blog is only a few weeks old. There are certain rules when it comes to advertising, but you can make money. I am already hundreds of pounds in profit, even though I never spoke to anyone about the business.

What Next?

If you are serious about getting started with a UK based hemp company, I recommend you to check out the official Tessellate Collective page and the Tessellate group on Facebook. Use Flaura78 as a referrer, and I will help you build your business up just like I did mine.