CTFO UK opportunity

CTFO UK Now Fulfills CBD Orders from the Netherlands

If you have been considering joining the CTFO business opportunity, you might have been put off by the fact that the company is headquartered in the United States, and it would take a long time for them to deliver the hemp products. As one of the longest established hemp MLM companies, CTFO UK has now decided to deliver your orders straight from the Netherlands, making it faster and more reliable to order for yourself or your customers.

The Products Delivered from the Netherlands by CTFO UK

Some of the best selling CBD and CBDa products are delivered from The Netherlands by CTFO UK. This is a great move, so you get your order faster and can fulfill your customers’ orders, too. The products that are included in the scheme are:

The rest of the products are still being shipped from the regional distribution centre, and are available to order online. If you haven’t joined CTFO UK yet, you can give it a try right now. There’s no purchase requirement, and you can have a free account, no matter if you buy or sell anything. It will automatically qualify you for a discount from your order. With a free CTFO account, everyone wins.

CTFO UK products shipped from the Netherlands

Easier for Those Interested In CBD Network Marketing

The over one year lockdown due to Covid-19 left many people without a job or a source of income. No matter if you are looking to top up your wages or want to earn extra for a holiday, maybe make up for the lost commissions and bonuses, CTFO UK is a great opportunity for everyone.

As you will get your dedicated site, you don’t have to deal with shipping and orders; the system will take care of everything for you, while you earn commissions with the CTFO business opportunity. Faster shipping also means better customer service and more sales in the UK.

The CTFO Business Opportunity Explained

If you are unsure what CTFO stands for, here’s a quick overview. It is a CBD network marketing company that operates in dozens of countries around the world. It has a unique compensation plan that helps everyone share the money they make and get rewarded for their efforts.

Here’s an overview of the commissions you can get (apart from the Matrix pay which is extra).

CTFO UK compensation plan

As one of the hemp MLM companies operating in the UK, it offers a unique opportunity to maximize your health and earnings. Read more about the CTFO UK business opportunity here.

Choose from Available Hemp MLM Companies In the UK

Of course, the CTFO business opportunity is not the only one in the United Kingdom. New companies are formed every month; some stay, and others don’t. In the beginning of my journey when I was searching for hemp mlm companies I joined a business that only lasted a couple of months. Their products and prices changed every month, you got charged a membership fee out of the blue, and fulfillment was pants.

After I got fed up with my customers and CBD network marketing team members being messed about, I decided to give CTFO UK a go. I never looked back. It is an easy business to operate from home, and you can send traffic directly to your dedicated websites.

Are you interested in the CTFO business opportunity? Comment below and we will send you a free guide on how to get started free.