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Coffee Lovers: End Your Cravings for Good with New Tasty CBD Coffee

CBD has been a surging hot topic recently. It’s implemented into almost everything from skincare to food. Now, it’s available to be used in coffee and there are many benefits. Coffee lovers, check it out in this article about CBD coffee!

What is CBD Coffee And What Are The Benefits?

CBD infused coffee is basically what it says in the title – CBD oil mixed with coffee. Coffee on its own is primarily made up of caffeine which alters a person’s alertness and focus levels. Though this can be highly beneficial, it also comes with negative side effects. This includes increasing a person’s heart rate which thereby leads to them feeling more anxious and getting the jitters. People sensitive to caffeine are particularly more prone to experiencing this.

This is where CBD oil comes in to save the day. CBD already helps regulate metabolism, immune system function, as well as neurotransmitters that control mood. Once added into coffee, it’s calming components counteract the harsher effects of caffeine thus allowing people that drink coffee to gain energy without feeling jittery or anxious. Based on consumer experiences and comments, it is also said to further enhance a person’s alertness and concentration thus giving them a boost of productivity in the afternoon. 

What Are The Best Products To Buy Right Now? 

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You can either buy CBD coffee online or in brick-and-mortar stores. Some of the best companies that offer hemp infused coffee include Strava, Willie’s Remedy, NakedCBD, Hakuna, Green Roads World, Miracle CBD, and CTFO (10xPure). For classical coffee, Strava’s Craft Coffee gives consumers a taste of Colombian’s finest 100% Arabica beans while enjoying the benefits of cannabidiol. For a more convenient approach, NakedCBD offers K Cups which contain high-quality full spectrum hemp coffee in a single-serve coffee pod. Hakuna’s Hemp Roast Coffee also contains full-spectrum CBD oil but this is in the form of a water soluble powder so it can be fully absorbed by the body. On top of this, Hakuna’s products are lab tested and they are fully transparent with their results, thus making them one of the best hemp coffee brands in the market.

CTFO also makes this list as they offer 10xPure hot drink which contains not only CBDA (more information about this ingredient later), but also Frankincense, Caprylic Acid, and Lauric Acid which have their own individual health benefits. Check out CTFO’s CBDa coffee here.

Is CBDA Coffee Better Than CBD Alone?

CBDA is ultimately the most purest and unprocessed form of CBD as it is firstly found raw in the hemp plant before it is converted to CBD. Studies have shown that CBDA can be more potent than CBD, and that it resembles the structure of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) which helps reduce inflammation. Furthermore, Japanese studies have revealed CBDA may possess anti-tumor properties as it can likely deter the growth of breast cancer cells. Canadian researchers in 2013 have also found that CBDA can decrease sickness, in terms of nausea and vomiting, within animals more potently than CBD can. This implies adding CBDA into coffee can be highly beneficial, although more research needs to be conducted to confirm it’s effects and if it is better than CBD. 

In conclusion, CBD oil mixed with coffee is effective in eliminating unwanted side effects of caffeine. Coffee lovers, this is your sign to drink coffee freely without fear! (Although it is still recommended to stay within the standard guidelines and time of day restrictions).