CBD alcohol hand sanitiser

New CBD Hand Sanitiser Offer at Tessellate Collective

If you are worried about the virus and want to find a great solution that can be delivered home, so you don’t have to queue at the supermarket for ages, just to find out that there are none left, this alcohol based CBD spray is something you should look at.

Tessellate – Alcohol-based CBG Spray (Hand Cleanser) 50ml DUOPACK

This duo pack is great for your family, no matter if you are going to work, travel by public transport, or simply want to make sure that people are not passing on COVID-19.

There are several benefits of using CBD for boosting your immune system, and this -combined with 70 percent alcohol will give you the protection you will need.

What is in the Alcohol Based CBD Hand Sanitiser?

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The hand cleanser protects you from MRSA and other resilient bacterial strains, as well as other threats.

It contains alcohol denat, Aqual Aloe, citral, and – of course – CBD

The duo pack offer gives you 2x 50 ml bottles, which will be enough for 100 hand washes overall.

Order your CBD hand sanitiser on the Tessellate Website.